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A Bridge Of Light

TODAY’S LIFE LESSON: with all of the changes that are going on, in and through our world it is easy to be overwhelmed by the energy. In your inner world there is a sense of longing and hope that all is moving to a better place of being. So the contrast between the outer chaos and the inner desire for peace and tranquility can seem far apart.


If you image the distance between the two as a bridge of light that is simply connecting the two while they shift and change it makes it easier to embrace the turmoil. See yourself on that bridge with an unlimited desire for oneness and calmness. See others joining you on that bridge one at a time until the bridge is filled with souls who share the same vision.


There will be a point where the bridge becomes a rainbow of light and the colours of creation blend all souls together in one breath, one heart beat, one light and one love. The more we hold this vision – the sooner we become it.


INNER= our emotional world of dreams
OUTER= our logical world of desires
HIGHER= our divine world of vibrational oneness
LOWER= our human world of exploring & experiencing


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